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trianglelab New Titan AQUA Water Cooling Kit for DIY 3D printer for Hotend Titan Extruder for TEVO 3D printer Upgrade KIT
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If you need to send UPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL, please contact us. We need to discuss the freight with you.
The trianglelab has always been concerned about product quality.We are developing products and working hard to improve the quality.We will not abandon our reputation because of many cheap products on the market.It is believed that only high quality products can ensure the quality of your work and bring safety to your work.
Some of our products may be more expensive than others,but please believe in our quality and believe that you will not regret when you receive the goods.
▉About logistics description:
Because the package contains strong magnets, ordinary logistics cannot be transported. So no matter which kind of logistics you choose. We will modify the logistics you choose. The package will be transported by air transportation of special dangerous goods, or other logistics. We will ensure that your package arrives as soon as possible. Thanks for your trust.
If you did not choose a magnetic product. Then your transportation will not be changed to a magnetic transportation route.
Trianglelab Titan Aqua is a two-in-one water-cooled HotEnd and Extruder. It's quiet, efficient, and all-metal so that you can print at the highest of temperatures. Aqua has been designed alongside our Water-Cooling Kit for use in warm and heated chambers where air-cooling is less effective, and effectively cools both its heat sink and extruder simultaneously.


Water-Cooling:The next step in 3D printing
We've reached the limits of what air-cooled 3D printing can do.This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your printer for water-cooling.

01.Fan Cooling

We've reached the limits of what's possible with HotEnd fans mounted on the print-head.This combination fan and radiator is much larger and more efficient than what's achievable with air-cooling systems.This also makes it quieter,and very low-vibration.

02.Easy to use

By limiting the number of parts,we've made this kit easier to use than any water-cooling system we've seen for 3D printing before.The parts fit together snugly,and have been designed for neat and ergonomic building.


Our kit design is based on standard computer cooling components,allowing users to adapt and expand on the kit as they wish,to cool additional HotEnds or even motors and extruders inside the print envelope.With 9mm outer diameter/6mm inner diameter silicone tubing,it's also compatible with most water cooling systems.


This kit can be used with any water-based coolant from Purified H2O to popular UV-toned brands.

Water cooling unit 3D model:

Installation guide:Please click here

Please read the information:Please click here

Standard 4-Pin PWM Connector Top View Looking Down


Red:Positive 12(+)

White:RPM Signal(From Fan)

Blue:RPM Signal(From MB)

Technical details

What's in the box
12cm Radiator x1
12CM Fan 12V x1
DC socket with wires x1
DC plug with cable x1
UL2468 24AWG 2P 1meter
Pump-reservoir 12V x1
Silicone tubing OD10 ID7 2meters
G1/4 Connector x2
Hose spring clip x6
24V-12V DC-DC Buck converters x1

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