Swiss mk10 brass ruby nozzle

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Trianglelab High Temperature MK10 Ruby Nozzle Thread M7 For Micro Swiss MK10 HOTEND HEATER BLOCK With PETG ABS PEI PEEK NYLON
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The MK10(PTFE)ruby nozzle is perfectly compatible with various materials such as PEI, PEEK, nylon, PC, etc. The nozzle has strong anti-corrosion and anti-wear ability, and can still maintain excellent performance during long-term use. Since the nozzles are valuable, we only accept the following logistics methods.
1.AliExpress Standard Shipping(Pleae do not choose Epacket)
2.DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT (Please contact us)
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Trianglelab - Swiss MK10 BrassRuby Nozzle  X  1

The MK10 ruby nozzle only supports filaments with a diameter of 1.75MM.

1.The corresponding model of the ruby nozzle isMK10(PTFE). The body of the nozzle isa kind of alloy copper, the gemstone is artificial gemstone, we still maintain the world's top workmanship, each ruby nozzle will go through a lot of processes in the manufacturing process, I hope that our rigorous attitude can be recognized by customers.
2.A torque wrench is required during the installation of the nozzle. The nozzle is subjected to a maximum torque of 2.8 N.m. Exceeding this torque will damage the brass inlay. If you don't have a torque wrench. Then it doesn't matter. Don't use too much force during the installation process, please try to control your strength.

Each nozzle is manually audited and we ensure that every nozzle sent from the store is a high quality artwork. We appreciate your recognition and support.

Test machine demonstration:

The test machine uses a gem nozzle of the MK8 model.

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