• Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend
  • Rapido Hotend

Rapido Hotend

Trianglelab Rapido Hotend Pringtng flow up to 75mm³/s for DDB extruder TATAN Ender3 V2 CR10 V3
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Trianglelab Rapido Hotend




        Rapido hotend has a unque copper alloy cylindrical melting zone wrapped in a high-powered ceramic heating element so that it has a more uniform heating section and a shorter heat transfer path. Therefore, greater flow and heating efficiency can be achieved.

        The thin-walled surgical-grade stainless steel heat breaker and three titanium screws make the entire structure more robust. With the heat sink firmly in place, the nozzle can be changed with one hand, and the heat breaker will not be easily damaged by collisions during printing.

        The detachable groovemount adapter allows for dual use of groove mount and screw mount. The rapido hotend has 16mm bolt circle diameter mounting screw hole same as the dragon hotend. Pre-set nozzle thread depth keeps leaks from happening again.

        The rapido hotend has the same overall dimensions as the Volcano hotend with V6 or compatible nozzles installed by default. it can be used as a direct replacement for the Volcano hotend while having a higher flow rate (up to 45mm³/s) and the same extrusion accuracy than the Volcano.When the rapido hotend is fitted with a volcano nozzle and melting zone extender, it has a even higher flow rate (up to 75mm³/s) while maintaining a relatively small size and weight.



High-Flow High-Speed

Pringtng flow up to 75mm³/s



High Heater Capacity

High power cylindrical ceramic heating element up to 115W

24℃-280℃ less than 51 seconds



One Hotend Two Configuration



More information about Rapido Hotend






Key Dimentions

Compatible Nozzles

If you would like to purchase the nozzle pictured below, please click on the image!


About the Rapido Hotend
Disassembly diagram


1.Groove Mount Adapter                   2.Aluminium Heatsink

3.Thin Wall Heatbreak                       4.Copper Alloy Heat Block

5.Ceramic Heat Ring                         6.Melting Zone Extender

7.T-Volcano Plated Copper Nozzle   8.Silicone Sock



1.Groove Mount Adapter    2.Aluminium Heatsink

3.Thin Wall Heatbreak        4.Copper Alloy Heat Block

5.Ceramic Heat Ring          6.T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle

7.Silicone Sock


What's in the box

Ste1:High Flow Rapido Hotend

Rapido-hotend Pre-assembled          x1

Groove Mount Adapter                       x1

M2.5x5 screws                                   x4

M2.5x8   screws                                 x4

Tube Collet with Clips                        x2

T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle 0.4         x1

Hexagon Wrench kit                          x1

HF Silicone Sock                               x1

Thermistor extension cable               x1

Heater extension cable                     x1         


Ste2:Ultra High Flow Rapido Hotend

Rapido-hotend Pre-assembled                       x1

Groove Mount Adapter                                    x1

M2.5x5 screws                                                x4

M2.5x8   screws                                              x4

Tube Collet with Clips                                     x2

T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle 0.4                      x1

HF Silicone Sock                                            x1

T-Volcano Plated Copper nozzle 0.6              x1

UHF Silicone Sock                                         x1

Melting zone extender                                    x1           

Hexagon Wrench kit                                       x1

Thermistor extension cable                            x1

Heater extension cable                                  x1

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