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Orbiter Extruder V2.0

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Trianglelab NEW LDO Orbiter Extruder V2.0 LDO MOTOR Compatible PLA PEI TPU ABS
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    orbiter extruder v2.0
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Orbiter Extruder V2.0(1.75mm)
Warning: Orbiter V2.0 has special gears. This is different from V1.5 gears. We will soon find a way to sell gears compatible with V2.0. Please don't buy the wrong gear.

1.Shorter drive gears 11mm vs 15mm
2.Hardened filament drive gears
3.Weight reduced to ~135 grams
4.Smaller more compact dimensions (11.6% shorter)
5.New motor design offers ~40% increase in pushing force in real printing conditions and much improved
acceleration performance
6.Flipped drive gears – filament path closer to the extruder center for a more balanced design and perfect
fit on delta printers as well
7.Stainless steel filament exit guide with 0.2-0.3mm clearance to drive gears for best TPU printing
experience and extreme wear resistance when using abrasive filaments.
8.High temperature resistant injected housings, GPA12
9.Machined PEEK secondary drive gear sleeve
10.Tension mechanism with grab screw design (Captive Grab Screw)
11.Mounting screws in line with filament exit path – improving housing stiffness and easier mounting
12.Perfectly aligned filament path
13.New smaller and better PTFE input coupler
14.Motor position rotated by additional 10 degrees for easier maintenance and assembly
15.Filament sensor add on with auto load and unload button add on feature
16.And many more small changes to improve mechanical accuracy and design look
▉Basic Configuration:
• Steps: 690 steps/mm @ 16 micro-stepping
• Max. instantaneous speed change (jerk): 600mm/min(RRF), 10mm/s
(Marlin) (recommended 300/5)
• Pressure advance: 0.02~0.03s - to be calibrated
• Retraction: 1~1.5mm - to be calibrated
• Retraction speed: 120mm/s
• Motor current: 1.2A Peak or 0.85A RMS (LDO-36STH20-1004AHG)
• Acceleration: 10000 mm/s2 *
• Normal motor operating temperature: 60-75°C
* The extruder itself without filament can handle acceleration up to
25000mm/s2. Adding weight of the filament it drags along its
recommended to have acceleration limit set not above 10000mm/s2
Optimized the motor
design to maximize its
torque in the speed range
the extruder needs it.
The result is ~40% increase
of the pushing force in real
printing conditions.
Retraction speed up to
Acceleration up to

▉More information:

▉What's in the box:

Orbiter Extruder v2.0

Orbiter Extruder v2.0
Orbiter Filament Sensor x1
OS2 Nylon SLS Printing(only compatible with orbiter v2.0 extruder) x1
SS304 M3 Nut x2
SS304 M3*20 Screws x2
SS304 M3 Washer x4
SS304 D6 Ball x2
Wiring harnes x1

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