• Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles
  • Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles

Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles

trianglelab MK8 high temperature Hardened Steel MK8 Nozzles for 3D printer PEI PEEK or Carbon fiber for HOTEND Extruder
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    1PC 0.2MM MK8 HS
    1PC 0.4MM MK8 HS
    1PC 0.6MM MK8 HS
    1PC 0.8MM MK8 HS
  • Description
Hardened steel nozzles, each of which is molded by the German five axle CNC. Strict precision drilling reduces the error rate to a minimum. Approaching the limit value. We strive to create quality limits, so that the nozzle is more precise, more wearable, and has better compatibility. Make the best efforts to achieve the best performance of the nozzle. The MK8 hardened steel nozzle can be perfectly compatible with special filaments such as PEI, PEEK, carbon fiber mixture, glass fiber mixture and PETG. I hope our dear customers will like and support us. Thank you!

*We have two ways to mark. One is text and the other is a drill mark. We will ship the goods at random. Please don't misunderstand us. The nozzle quality of the two marking methods is the same.


This product only supports 1.75mm filament !!!
The following is the introduction of V6 nozzle. MK8 nozzle can also be used for reference.
If you 3D print with carbon fibre, filled PLA, or glow-in-the-dark filament, then this is the nozzle you need! Carbon filled filaments cause rapid and significant damage to standard nozzles. We've developed these incredibly wear-resistant nozzles to deal with the toughest filaments on the market.
Paying a little extra for a hardened, wear-resistant nozzle makes both practical and economic sense. By the time you've printed a single spool of abrasive filament yoursquore saving money. It also saves a lot of time as you won't be constantly replacing worn out nozzles. And you'll be future-proofed for upcoming materials; we think these nozzles should be able to handle just about anything our material manufacturers think of next.
Because of the thermal and chemical treatment applied to the nozzle they do have a bit of a dark, sometimes uneven looking coloration and surface finish, and there can be a small amount of residue on the nozzles despite our final cleaning process. The coloration variance is normal and doesn't affect function. Any residue left on the nozzle will quickly be flushed in the first few millimetres of extrusion, especially if you flush it out with an abrasive filled material!
All nozzles in the series are now individually identifiable with markings on the flats of the hex head making them even more convenient to work with.
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