RNC Nano Coated Gear DDB Extruder

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Trianglelab RNC Nano Coated Gear DDB Extruder V2.1 Bowden Extruder Dual Drive Extruder For 3d printer Ender3 CR10 TEVO MK8
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The DDB utilizes an internal gearing ratio of 3:1 together with precision cnc-machined hardened steel drive gears to give you a compact powerhouse for all your applications.Whether you require high resolution prints with small nozzles or high-flow prints with big nozzles the optimized gearing ratio combined with our industry leading drive gears provides unparalleled pushing power and lightning fast retractions in a lightweight and compact package.
Very important notice!
Version upgrade notice:All DDB right-handed orders after September 19, 2020 will be upgraded to V2.0. The left-hand DDB still maintains the old model (no upgrade plan for the time being).
Orders made before September 19, 2020 will receive the old version of DDB. Please check the relevant upgrade analysis for specific upgrade content.
The old DDB only needs to purchase the new version of the shell to complete the upgrade.
The purchase address of the right-hand version of the DDB shell:
Analysis of the highlights of the upgrade:
1: The position of the gear and the accuracy of all screw holes are calibrated.
2: Modified the new buckle, both sides of the V2.0 version of the DDB extruder support filament in and out (that is, it has no specified directionality, and you use either side of it as a material port)
3: The filament has an independent motion cabin inside the extruder. The white filament guide is made of a mixed material with lubricating properties. Its interior is very smooth, and it can withstand your crazy parameter settings.
4: A gap is reserved on the top to correspond to the threaded screw rod of the ender3 printer.
5: Brand new mixed materials, the shell is more rigid and tough.
DDB V2.1 upgrade guide:
Replaced with gears with stronger grip, under a strong bite, it will not damage the outer wall structure of the filament like inferior gears. We are trying to find the perfect bite strength. Gears have a longer life. You can almost always use your printer until it is scrapped.
DDB Direct Drive & Bowden Extruder
DDB V2.1 upgrade

Nylon Gears
Long-lasting and wear-resistant One-piece injection moulding
Large nylon gear Longer lasting and wear resistant.

Rigid Shell-Shell made of PA+GF30
Weight saving design
Nylon and glass fibre,The shell is sturdy and has a hollowed out interior which greatly reduces the weight of the case.

Driving force 15KG
Hardened steel RNC nano coating gears
Dual drive gear-Hardened steel RNC nano coating gears,Stronger drive, more resistant to wear and tear。
Filament Guide-POM-PTFE

Filament Guide-POM-PTFE:Low friction Self-lubricating
Friction comparison chart:
Other filament guides, after long hours of work, generate a lot of friction and the temperature rises causing them to wear out.
Trianglelab, Filament Guide, uses POM-PTFE as a raw material. Smooth surface, reduced friction and no wear after long working hours.

Ultra-high hardness HV3300
HRC 60+
Hardened steel with RNC Nano Coating
High hardness for greater resistance to wear and tear

Trianglelab RNC nano coating gears, compared to other brands of gears tested

Exploded view of the DDB extruder 
▉What's in the box:
DDB Extruder X 1
screws A package
*Simple tool A package(Gift)
*Stepper motor mounting bracket X 1(Gift:It is not guaranteed that all customers can use it. If it is not available,discard.)
◆ Please read here carefully!
In a long period of use. There may be a drop in color. But this does not affect the sharpness of the gear.
*If you need a mosquito adapter,please click here to buy.

▉Installation & Tests:
Trianglelab DDB Extruder - Installation&Tests:

DDB dimensional analysis chart

▉Photo display:


▉Diagram of DDB installation steps:





1.In terms of appearance, compared with other products,Trianglelab’s are smoother and finer, followed by the extrusion wheel of manufacturer B. Although there are knife lines, they are relatively fine and even


2.From the analysis of tooth profile, compared with triangular teeth, curved teeth can engage with filaments more deeply for grip force. In contrast, the tooth shape of Trianglelab is more smoother and more symmetrical, while the other tooth shapes have obvious knife lines, and the tooth bases are uneven. After a long time, there will be serious wear, resulting in the reduction of tooth life. The tooth shape of manufacturer D can not be distinguished, and the tooth tip can not be clearly distinguished, so the durability of manufacturer D is insufficient compared with other manufacturers’ products. The tooth surface and shaft of manufacturer C's product are slightly inclined, which may be due to the machining accuracy.


3.From the dimension analysis, the tooth diameter of manufacturer A, manufacturer B and Trianglelab is similar. Trianglelab’s tooth tip is thinner, makes it easier to cut into the filaments, and the next best is Manufacturer B, but manufacturer B's tooth beat is higher than Trianglelab’s. Manufacturer C's tooth tip is wider, so it is not conducive to access filaments. The tooth length analysis shows that the tooth length of Trianglelab is shorter and closer to the diameter of filaments, so the meshing of filaments is better than other’s.


4.Tension test method: Use DDB extruder, tighten the spring after the motor is energized, draw filaments. The filaments squeezed by the extrusion wheels of manufacturer A, C and D all slipped, and the filaments were pulled off by Trianglelab and manufacturer B.


5.In the hardness test, except the products of Trianglelab reached HRC50 or above, the highest hardness of the other products was HRC30, which is easy to wear, especially for printing composite fiber filaments.


6.Based on the above analysis, Trianglelab and manufacturer B’s appearance and size is better, Trianglelab’s hardness is higher, and the curved teeth of Trianglelab are recommended.


Comparison of prints before and after the upgrade

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