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Prusa Hotend

Trianglelab V6 Hotend pre-assambled unit for PRUSA i3 MK3 MK3S MK2/2.5 v6 heatsink nozzle 3D printer
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If you need to send UPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL, please contact us. We need to discuss the freight with you.
The trianglelab has always been concerned about product quality. We are developing products and working hard to improve the quality. We will not abandon our reputation because of many cheap products on the market. It is believed that only high quality products can ensure the quality of your work and bring safety to your work.
Some of our products may be more expensive than others, but please believe in our quality and believe that you will not regret when you receive the goods.

Pre-assembled top quality V6 hotend with full matel heatbreaker for PRUSA i3 MK3 MK2/2.5
Mirror polished heatebreaker clog free guaranteed!
Hot tightening and full heating cycles tested V6 hotend leak free guaranteed!
ATC Semitec 104GT-2 thermistor isimplemented so you dont need to do any changes of the firmware from prusa3d.
Same wires lenght and terminals as the original kits.

❉Installation demo

1x V6 hotend 1.75heatsink
1x Full metal heatbreaker
1x Brass nozzle 0.4MM
1x Sensor cartridge heater block
1x Semitec 104GT-2 thermistor cartridge
1x Chamfered PTFE tubes L=50MM(white)
1x Silicone socks
1x 1.75 collet
1x Heater cartridge 40W(12V or 24V)

(If you need12Vheater please leave a message to let us know)

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