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Trianglelab PLA-LW 1.75mm Filament 1KG PLA-Aero 3D printed filament lightweight foam material for 3D printer airplanes
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PLA-Aero(Low Weight Foaming PLA)

PLA-Aero is a 3D printing filament using active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low-density printed parts. At around 200C PLA-Aero starts foaming . By decreasing the material flow by 60% users can achieve lightweight parts. One can also use the expanding properties to reduce print time by printing big layer heights or extra thick materials. Fine tuning and optimization is required to make the most of your PLA-Aero use.

PLA-Aero is your material of choice where weight matters, like printing RC planes, drones and for cosplay purposes.

▉Print reference tutorial:
Diameter: 1.75mm
Net Weight: 1kg
Print Temp:190-260℃
Print Speed:30-60mm/s
Bed Temp:40-60℃
Bed:Glass;PC or PEI Filam

▉Different Temperature Foaming Ratio:



▉Print Works:
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