• LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth
  • LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth
  • LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth
  • LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth
  • LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth
  • LDO Stepper Motor  8 Teeth

LDO Stepper Motor 8 Teeth

Trianglelab LDO NEMA14 Motor 8T LDO-36STH20-1004AHG High Temperature For TBG TBGS TBG-AIR Sherpa DDE 3D Printer
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Trianglelab LDO NEMA14 Motor 8T

Eight-tooth motor gear

Brass material The thrust is 10KG
This is a customized 8-tooth LDO motor, with a smaller number of teeth,
which can increase the reduction ratio of the extruder to 50:8


About Compatibility
voron Clockwork Extruder Sherpa mini Extruder Sherpa micro Extruder
About Product parameter
About weight
The product weight is about 93.6g, which reduces the overall weight of the extruder.

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About Packaging
Kraft paper box packaging. Built-in pearl cotton. Safety protection
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