• DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder
  • DDE-R DDB Extruder

DDE-R DDB Extruder

Trianglelab DDE-R DDB Direct Drive Extruder For Creality Ender3 CR10 3D Printer Compatible with Dragon Rapido TD6S V6DM Hotend
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    12V DDE-R Kit
    24V DDE-R Kit
    DDE-R DDB Rapido
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DDE-R DDB Extruder


Please check the instructions provided before purchasing. This product requires you to modify the cable. Need to patiently solder some cables and look at the circuit diagram. If you are not willing to do so. Then please do notpurchasing.

Installation tutorial & STL & DDE-R Packaging List:

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Trianglelab DDE-R Extruder,Compatible with Dragon hotend, This will be a very amazing 3D printer upgrade kit. It can effectively improve the performance of your 3D printer. You may be shocked by such high upgrades. But it did. Please throw away the old extrusion head system on your machine. We welcome any creator to create a unique high performance monster.


Ender 3,CR10,CR10 S PRO,
And similar machines.*The connection line requires a little hands-on ability.
Alfawise u20 needs a backplane,click here to buy backplane.


This kit fits some early models of the Ender3 CR10/S&PRO Ender5 and some other brands that cloned Creality printer. All of these printers must have the same or similar X-axis sled back plate. See drawing down below.


High quality component parts.

1.DDB V2.0 Extruder

2.Nema17 20.5mm stepper motor

3.DDE V2.0 Basic Kit

The new DDE V2.0 extruder,it is possible to print even more precise 3D printed parts.


Compatible with Dragon hotend,Rapido hotend,TD6S hotend,
V6DM hotend.


Compatible not only with v6 heat block,but also with volcano heat block.

Compatible with CHC Kit,CHC Pro.

Excellent compatibility

Compatible with DDB Extruder,Orbiter Extruder 2.0,TBG-Lite Extruder.

DDB V2.0 Extruder

Hardened steel nickel plated dual drive gear,Filament guide POM+PTFE,Reduced filament friction.HRC60+, Driving force 15KG.

Dual ball bearing long life fan

5015 Blower fan,4010 fan

Stepper Motor

Technical Details

What's in the box

Set1:12V DDE-R No Extruder Hotend

12V DDE-R V2.0 Basic Kit

Set2:24V DDE-R No Extruder Hotend

24V DDE-R V2.0 Basic Kit

Set3:24V DDE-R Rapido Hotend Extruder

24V DDE-R V2.0 Basic Kit

Rapido Hotend UHF

Set4:24V DDE-R TD6S B Hotend Extruder

24V DDE-R V2.0 Basic Kit

TD6S Hotend B

Set5:24V DDE-R V6DM Hotend Extruder

24V DDE-R V2.0 Basic Kit

V6DM Hotend

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