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4020 blower fan

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trianglelab 4020 blower fan for 3d printer for ender3 CR-10S CR10 DDE-LITE Radiator HEATSINK nozzle cooling fan
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    12V 4020blowerfan
    24V 4020blowerfan
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If you need DDB Extruder(Right) & Nema17-22MM Motor,please click here to buy.
If you need DDB Extruder,please click here to buy.
If you need Nema17-22MM Motor,please click here to buy.
If you need M8 Inductive Proximity Sensor,please click here to buy.
If you need 3D Touch Sensor,please click here to buy.
The line length of 4020 Blower fan is 20CM. We gave away a 1 meter cable. You need to make a connecting cable according to your actual needs, cut the cable and then connect it. We gave a heat shrinkable tube.
Fortrianglelab DDT-Lite
*Compatibility demo:

What's in the box:

4020 blower fan  X  1

1M wire              X  1 (You need to connect manually)


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