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Voron 2.4 GE5C Z joint

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Trianglelab Voron 2.4 GE5C Z joint M3x16 M5x20 GE5C Bearing M5x1mm spacerx4 for upgrade the original printed Z joint.
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▉Name: Voron 2.4 GE5C Z joint

This kit only contains all the fasteners needed to ​upgrade the original printed Z joint. This kit is for upgrade ​only. If you're assembling a new printer from the ground ​up, you may need to figure out on your own what additional ​fasteners are needed to complete the assembly.

▉Notes about IGUS bearings

01:You can replace the GE5C bearings with IGUS models. ​There are two IGUS spherical bearings types: the KGLM ​and EGLM series. The EGLM are compatible with the files ​found in the Z_Joints folder, the KGLM require the files ​located in Z_Joints/Phalanx.

02:Now if you are using the "No Endstops" version you ​need 4 M3x16 screws per Z-joint, if you are using the ​endstop/halleffect version then you need 4 M3x20 ​per Z-joint.

03:Use an M5x20 BHCS and 1 M5x1mm ​washer and screw it into the gantry ​using a roll-in T-nut.

▉Installation completed

This is how it should be assembled when all done

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