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CHCB-OT Hotend updated KIT K1 HOTEND for Sprite Extruder Creality K1 3D printer Creality K1 Max CR-M4 printer
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  • Size:
    CHCB-OT for Sprite Extruder
    CHCB-OT for KI K1 MAX
    CHCB-OT-PRO for Sprite Extruder
  • Nozzle:
    CR6 SE BRASS 0.4MM
    ZS MK8 standard 0.4MM
    ZS MK8 Plus 0.4MM
    ZS MK8 Plus 0.6MM
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▉Special thanks:

Through a remarkable collaboration, Omranello's visionary insights and TriangleLab's engineering prowess converged to craft the exceptional CHCB-OT hotend, redefining possibilities in 3D printing technology. Omranello + TriangleLab is proud to introduce our newest CHCB-OT to the community, enhancing the capabilities of Creality Printers.
you can follow his 3D journey, upgrades, and creations on


CHCB-OT hotend is a hot end component, it can directly replace the original hot end on Creality K1 or K1MAX or CR-M4 printer.
It made of better material, a higher flow rate and an easier maintenance design.


1.Planar contacts heating element have a more certain contact than ceramic heating ring contacts
2.compared to the original OT hotend heating elements and thermistors are easy to maintain and replace
3.Separate design of fixed flange and heating core.
The flange is made of a material with a low thermal conductivity to reduce the working temperature of the heat sink fixed with it by screws.
4.Compatible with various MK8 series nozzles that are readily available.
5.Drop-in replacement for the hotend of the Creality K1 /Creality K1 MAX and CR-M4 printer.
6.Can be direct installed on Creality Sprite Extruder to increase flowrate by 50%.


For Creality K1/K1 max CR-M4 it is drop-in replacement.
For other sprite extruder-equipped Creality printers, the overall height may be 10MM higher with this hotend installed, so you will need to use the printparts to move the original CR-TOUCH and 4010 cooling fan down 10MM.We provide an STL file for this modification, linked below. We can also provide 4020 blower fan and the printed part for fixing the fan.The model is frome the original CR-M4.

▉Material detail:
Heating element resistance value: 7.5-9.5 ohms
Nominal power: 24V 67W @24℃ (61-77W)
Thermistor: NTC 100Kohms B3950 1% (Choose 1 in marlin firmware)


▉Documentation link:

▉Test Report:

Experiment introduction:
Comparing the temperature change of the cold side heat sink between the original hotend of Creality Sprite(Figure 1) and after the installation of OT hotend(Figure 2) .
Experimental conditions:
Printer: CR-10 smart PRO
Ambient temperature 26-27℃
Nozzle set temperature 250℃
Temperature measurement position:
The thermocouple probe is placed in the path of the filament, inside the heatbreaker cold side, approximately where the setscrews are located.
As shown in Figure 3 Figure 4
Experimental results:
The lower the temperature the better
1.Original hotend The measured temperature is 42.5℃ (Figure5)
2.OT hotend The measured temperature is 38.4℃ (Figure6)
Under the same conditions, the temperature of the cold end of CHCB-OT hotend is lower.
The thermal creep and clogge will not easily occur compared to the original hotend.

Test introduction:
Compare the difference between the original hotend and OThotend printouts of the K1 printer
Test conditions:
printer:Creality K1
Filament:Creality hyper PLA
G-code: 600MM/S DEMO provide by Creality K1
Test Result:
As shown in the figure, after replacing the K1 printer with an OT hotend, the finished product printed at 600MM/S with the same Gcode file, the same filament, and the same nozzle is just as good, and the surface looks basically the same. But when we apply the same destructive force on the same place, the original hotend prints have layer separation, while the OT-hotend prints only show stress whitening. This indicat that the OT hotend has a higher flow rate in which the filament is more fully melted.
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