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Matrix Extruder

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TriangLab Matrix Extruder Hotend Direct drive 3D Printer For Ender 3 Prusa CR10 ANET Artillery Sidewinder x1 BLV BEAR
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Triangle Lab - Matrix Extruder
Installation guide:
·dual drive with adjustable tension idler
·very short filament path
·thin-walled bi-metal heat breaker
·compact extrusion system
Compatible with Prusa
Compatible with Ender 3 /3 PRO/ 5
Compatible with CR-10/CR-10S
Other models can find brackets here. Search for the term HE?ER?(Sorry I have to cover this term. You should know how to search.)
Netizens submit:
1: for Lulzbot Taz printer
♥Matrix Extruder-3D printing time-lapse:
Drive type: Dual drive with adjustable tension idler
Max printing temperature: 285°C(upgradable to 450°C)
Mass: 357g(including hotside)
Nominal steps per mm(16x): 335.4 steps per mm(further calibration required)
Motor current: 1.2A
Filament diameter and tolerances: 1.75±0.05mm
Max pushing force: 8.6kg Generic PLA 10mm/min @24V Driver
XYZ Dimensions

Hotside Compatibility

V6       Volcano      Super Volcano

Heater power 40W                         12/24V optional
Fan 40x40x10mm DC Ball Bearing    12/24V optional
Thermistor Semitec 104NT-4-R025H42G
Phase no                   2phases
Resistance                 2oum
Holding torque           29 N cm
Current                     1.2A
Motor cable length     90CM

What's in the box:
Trianglelab -Matrix ExtruderX 1
*Friendly reminder. Choose the right voltage*
Photo display:

Test machine printing effect display:

*The machine models participating in the test are:
A:Ender 3
B: CR-10S


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