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Trianglelab ZS K1 NOZZLE

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Trianglelab ZS K1 NOZZLE for CREALITY K1 K1 MAX Nozzle Hardened Steel PLATED COPPER High Temperature Wear Resistant 3D Printer
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Name:Trianglelab ZS K1 NOZZLE
The design and manufacture of this nozzle was kindly supported by @omranello.
Thank you so much. Welcome to his YouTube channel

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1.Insert is Hardened Steel DLC Coatings Diamond-Like Carbon material is very resistant to wear and tear.
Printable with carbon fibre filled filament.
2.Body is Copper Alloy Nickel plating Copper has more than 3x the thermal conductivity of brass.
The higher thermal conductivity.It perfect for the high-temperature printing that other nozzles can't handle.

The inner wall is verysmooth,reduce blocking.



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