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Trianglelab Tatan Extruder Stainless steel Precision-milled hobb high quality Tatan Extruder new metal gear Hobb EXtruder Gear
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▉Tatan Extruder Stainless steel Precision-milled hobb(NEW)

These Stainless steel Precision-milled hobb are a drop-in replacement for the standard stainless steel hobb supplied with every Tatan extruder.
While hobbs and drive gears wear at a lower rate than nozzles with extensive use of abrasive materials like carbon fibre-filled filaments wear does become an issue.
We have worked hard for a long time. Optimized metal heat treatment details. And made a very big upgrade to the teeth of the gear. You can find the new gear in the photo is perfect. Its teeth are treated without any burrs. It can better engage the filament without damaging the filament.
The use of inferior angular gears can severely damage the filament. Eventually, the 3D printer could not precisely control the amount of material discharged. And it will produce a lot of debris to destroy your work. Even clogged the extrusion head.
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Tatan Extruder
trianglelab Tatan Extruder
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Stainless steel Precision-milled hobb X 1 
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