T-CR10 Hotend Upgrade KIT

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Trianglelab T-CR10 Hotend Upgrade KIT All Metal/PTFE Heatsink Titanium Heat Break For CR-10 CR-10S Ender3 Upgrade Kit
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    T-Allmetal Heatsink
    T- PTFE CR10Heatsink
    Titanium alloy BREAK
    T-PTFE UpgradeKit
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Thank you very much for purchasing high quality accessories manufactured by trianglelab.  Although our accessories are more expensive, we do not sell low-quality cheap products to our customers. Every customer is our good friend. We will treat every friend who trusts us sincerely.

Swiss MK10 Block *Compatible with ENDER-3 ender-5 cr-10 3D Printer.
*CompatibleNTC 100K 3950 ThermistorsensorOR104GT-2 Thermistor sensor
*If you would like to purchase the full version of HOTEDN,please click here to purchase.

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Recommended slicer setting:
retraction speed over 80MM/S
retraction length 2.5-4MM
If you are facing PLA clogging problem, please try the followings:
1. Increase the retraction speed. The speed may have being limited in the firmware try to change it. G-command 'M203 E200'.
2. Increase the extruder acceleration. Check your firmware settings. G-command "M201 E9000"
3. Reduce the retraction length. It depends on your machine setup.
4. Increase the nozzle temperature by 5-10 degrees.
5. Do not install the 2 screws for support the heatblcok like the stock hotend on the
CR-10 printer.
6. Make sure that there is no gap between the heatsink and the heat breaker.
Trianglelab T-CR10 Hotend Upgrade Kit
Trianglelab -CR10 HOTEND KIT (T-CR10 HOTEND KIT)
Compatible with CR-10S
Compatible with CR-10S -S5
Compatible with CR-10S -S4
Compatible with CR-10
Compatible with CR-10 -MINI
Compatible with CR-20
Compatible with CR-20 PRO
Compatible with Ender2
Compatible with Ender3
Compatible with Ender3 PRO
Compatible with TronXY X5S
Compatible with Tevo Tornado
Compatible with Alfawise U20
*T-CR10 Compatible with MK8 nozzle
▉What's in the box:
SET 1  T-CR10 HeatSink(All Metal):
·Aluminum CR10 HeatSink(All Metal)X 1

SET 2  T-CR10 HeatSink(PTFE):
·Aluminum CR10 HeatSink(PTFE)X 1

SET3 CR10 Heat Break:
·Titanium Alloy Heat Break X 1

SET 4 T-CR10 Upgrade Kit:
·Aluminum T-CR10 HeatSink(All Metal) X 1
·Titanium Alloy Heat Break X 1
·Gift  X1(CR10 HEAT BLOCK)

SET 5 T-CR10 Upgrade Kit:
·Aluminum T-CR10 HeatSink(PTFE) X 1
·Titanium Alloy Heat Break X 1
·Gift X1 (CR10 HEAT BLOCK)

*Compatible with ENDER-3 ender-5 CR-10 CR-10S 3D Printer.
Please read here:
This is a drop in All Metal Conversion kit for CR-10 printers. It requires absolutely zero modification to your printer to install. Our uniquely designed cooling block eliminates need for a thermal tube. By not having separate thermal tube inside cooling block, it allows for faster heat dissipation.
Thermal heat break is made from Titanium Alloy to provide excellent thermal isolation between heater and cooling block. Titanium is extremely strong material and offers almost 3x lower thermal conductivity than stainless steel, creating more defined meltzone.
Photo display:

All Metal Heatsink

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*Ender3 Upgrade TEST
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