• MINI DDB extruder
  • MINI DDB extruder

MINI DDB extruder

trianglelab MINI Dual Drive bowden Extruder MINI DDB extruder Bowden Extruder for ender3 cr-10 Anet tevo 3D printer
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Thank you very much for purchasing high quality accessories manufactured by trianglelab. Although our accessories are more expensive, we do not sell low-quality cheap products to our customers. Every customer is our good friend. We will treat every friend who trusts us sincerely.

1x Base plastic part 
1x Upper plastic part
1x Idler handle 
2x Collet cover
1x Drive gear with set screw
1x Idler gear
2x Needle bearings
1x Shaft L=20mm
2x M3 square nut
4x Locking Clips
4x Bowden tube collet
5x M1.8 self-tapping screw
4x DIN912 M3*L30 screw
1x M3 thumb screw
1x Spring
1x M3 nylon washer
1x PTFE tubing 10CM
3x Hex wrenchs
1x Screw driver

Note: You can continue to use the original extruder motor on your 3D printer. You can also choose to purchase a 1.8° 48MM stepper motor or a 0.9°48MM stepper motor.
16x microstepping 1.8°stepper motor E-step value =141
16x microstepping 0.9°stepper motor E-step value =282
You can set the new E-step valueon LCD or using the G-Code file contains the following two lines:
M92 E141
Installation teaching:
If you want reversing your extruder motor directionction  please follow the instruction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iubywKkNEE
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Frequently Bought Together
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