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DDB Extruder gears

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Trianglelab DDB Extruder Shaft Assembly Gear Single and RNC Nano Coating Drivegear For DDB Extruder DIY Drivgear Extruder
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*Shaft Assembly Gear Kit

1.Replacement Shaft assembly for our DDB, Single and Dualdirect extruders.
Including setscrew for primary 1.75/5.0 drivgear.

*RNC Nano Coating Drivegear Kit

1.The dimensional accuracy of the inner hole is 0.02mm, which is closely matched with the shaft and has high concentricity.

2.Curved teeth beat 0.03mm, consumables are tightly and evenly occluded, and the driving force is 15Kc hardened steel. The overall hardness of the hardened steel substrate reaches HRC60+. The more wear-resistant surface adopts RNC-based nano-coating, ultra-high hardness HV3300.

3.All-metal high-temperature printing at 500℃, compatible with multiple models.



Why Choose The Gear We Produce?

Because our gears are precision machined by German CNC,through many different processes,the final hardening process will result in hardened steel gears.It can make the gear more durable and the gear has a certain hardness,which will make the filament go more smoothly.The bite of the filament,affects the accuracy of the feeding,and maycause the filment to break or the nozzle to clog.

Will you choose other cheap gears?

RNC nano coating Drivegear KIT
(RNC nitrogen-based chain super wear-resistant extrusion wheel)

Curved teeth beat 0.03mm

Which is closely matched with the shaft and has high concentricity

The driving force is 15KG.

Hardened steel.

RNC Nano Coating


Nylon Gears

Long-lasting and wear-resistant One-piece injection moulding

Hardened Steel Nickel Plating Gear Kit



The triangle test is a comparison of hardened steel nickel-plated gears with those of other manufacturers.



The large black gear is made of nylon.

Raw material used for drive gears: RNC nano coating gears


Comparison of prints before and after the upgrade

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