• ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100
  • ADR™ RTD-PT100


trianglelab ADR™ Heraeus M222 PT100 (Class B)Thermistor sensor New standard Multi-Stranded Laser Welded Leads 3X15MM Metal M3 M4
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  • Set:
    SETA M3 PT100
    SETB M4 PT100
    SETC 3X15 PT100
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ADR™ Accurate·Durable.Robust Temperature sensor series



Base length :200MM

Sensor Package Shape :P3L15mm /M3 thread /M4 Hexagonal thread

Sensor type : Heraeus M222 PT100(Class B)

Maximum operating temperature 450℃

also applies up to 500 ℃ for short periods



The ADR™ Temperature sensor series uses laser welding and true high temperature resistant glass mica
composite wire to create the most durable temperature sensor for your 3D printer.The ADR™ temperature sensor series

can be customized for you with different wire lengths tail terminations and package forms,please feel free to contact us!

E-mail:[email protected]


The multi-strand cable is thicker (therefore stronger)less prone to fatigue and less prone to insulation
pullout than the single-core thermistor lead, giving a muchmore robust thermistor

▉Laser Welded Leads:

The joint between the multi-strand cable and thethermistor legs is achieved with a precise laser weld
This joint is fully encapsulated within the cartridge soonly the multi-stranded cable is present outside
of thecartridge and potting compound

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